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Modelo Purpose

Through constant research, experimentation and life experience we created a development model for SELFtrepreneurship: the "PURPOSE".

The Purpose model guides all our work processes, and each one of their themes is ample enough to encompass different competences of development.

They are:

Passion – What the SELFtrepreneur loves to do. The talents he brought to this world, which are unique and which, if potentialized, will be benefit himself and all around him. Normally what we love goes well with what we are good at doing.


Ubuntu – For us, it is the essence of the human being. The ability of working as a team, of collaborating and understanding that we are interdependent.


Resilience – The power which makes to stand up after the fall, to persevere in the search of your own purpose.


Protagonism – It is what makes the SELFtrepreneur assume the responsibility over his destiny.


To look, to Hear, to Feel – Our ability of looking the whole and at the same time the details and noticing the signs. Of hearing yourself and at the same time the others. And, finally, to feel, because many times it is not the logical thinking that tells us the best road to follow.


$ustainability – Money is not the final objective. Money is the consequence of the achievement of your purpose. In this theme we also work with the Carta da Terra (Chart of the Land).


Execution – The ability of implementation of the SELFtrepreneurs. Once the road is decided, they implement with focus, clarity, agility and obstinacy.


Purpose – The powerhouse of everything. SELFtrepreneurs have a clear vision of where they want to go, and, more important, they have the ability of implementing this vision, this project, this dream.

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