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The Network

It isn't for nothing we have the word Network in our name. We fully believe in a business and acting model done in a collaborative way, through individuals and organizations which share the same purposes, the same dreams, the same ideals. They are talents, specializations, visions of the world and experiences which unite themselves around an idea, an accomplishment.

The concept of life purpose begins with the professionals which compose our Network. Before anything else, they are people who do what they love and what they believe in, which confirms each day their talents and vocations.

Working in a network we can offer a larger conceptual and of accomplishment capacity for our clients, since we have a large diversity of competences acting together (professionals in administration, education, psychology, marketing, finances, arts in its most diverse expressions, communication, alternative therapies, sustainability, spirituality, among others)

Here are our clients, partners and suppliers of the Ubuntu Network.  People and companies which combine well among themselves and breathe the I-entrepreneurism.