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Filosofia Ubuntu


Ubuntu. It was watching the movie 'In my country skull (Em Minha Terra)' that I heard the word for the first time. Then, I was still an executive and was in a process of searching for my purpose. Knowing this word, at the beginning strange, and understanding its eaning was what I needed at that moment. I fell in love with it. Ubuntu came to me at the right time."

Eduardo Seidenthal



Ubuntu is an African word which translates in a beautiful way the essence of the human being: humanity, relationships, collaboration, solidarity, compassion, forgiveness, brotherhood, and love for the neighbor, the ability to understand and accept the other.

For that reason, in our vision, more than a word, UBUNTU is a philosophy. A concept that is in everything we do in our Network.We from the Ubuntu Network believe in a world where an individual is able to make an enormous difference, at the same time he potentializes himself with the power of collective processes.

Here we seek to inspire persons, groups and organizations to reflect about their purposes and go after these accomplishments.Both purposes and actions need to be directed by some assumptions and references. For us, Ubuntu is a marvelous reference for us to build ethical purposes and develop more sustainable actions.

The Ubuntu Network was born as a consulting company and is transforming itself in an education company, in the broadest sense of the word.We believe in a consulting process where the client is the protagonist of the project. And he must be the lead such project and learn, so next time he would be able to do walk with his own legs. This is education.

As support to this process we offer coaching services which in essence is also a process of development, of education.Thus, when asked if we do consulting, education or coaching, our answer is simple: we do all that in an interconnected way.

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