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Fundamental for the economy of any country, the perpetuation of family businesses between generations is a great challenge.

Family businesses are a great motor of development of the largest world economies. At the same time they are fundamental for any country's economy, the perpetuation of family businesses between generations is a great challenge.  Statistics demonstrate that only 15% of the family companies reach the third generation.

Given this challenge, the Ubuntu Network is from its foundation specializing in the support of the developing of youngsters from founding families of family businesses to revert this situation. Thus, we have several clients who seek to support their youngsters to follow their own ways, taking advantage of all available resources and also clarifying their role within the tripod of any family (family businesses, property and family). 

Our approach is based on the following working pillars:

Development of the Future Generations: of youngsters and in the upbringing of some members of the Ubuntu Network in the area of entrepreneurship, especially in familiar business, we differentiated solutions of development for the future generations of the founding families.
With a methodology based on three important theories: SELFtrepreneurship and the PURPOSE Model, the Integral Approach created by Ken Wilber, and finally on the motivation pillars of Daniel Pink, we support youngsters in (1) reflection of their respective purposes and mapping of career paths (2) support in the accomplishment of the career paths, being them related to the family business or not, supporting the youngsters in the behavioral and technical development.

Alignment with the Managers: in the case of the youngsters are already acting on the families businesses, the facilitators and coaches of the Ubuntu Network act together with the managers of the youngsters of the family with the goal to facility and even accelerate these youngsters development.

Alignment with the Family interests: along all the youngsters development process we have alignment meetings with the parents and other members of the family and/or family office always seeking to support the youngsters in the transparency of their choices and in the dialogue with all the involved.